April 04, 2014

And they lived happily ever after…

For my first FMP at uni I have to look at what inspires me.

Many things inspire me such as buttons, shoes, designers, looking through books and magazines, etc… Etc…

But a big inspiration for me is my grandparents and in particular their wedding…

After we lost my Grandad we sat looking through photos for the funeral and I sat and looked at all the wedding photos for hours, flicking and reflecting through them and wishing I was there, mainly wishing I could live in the era, they loved each other like no one else I've ever seen and that inspires me.

My Grandad looked nervous in all of the photos! Bless him! 

My Grandads parents! 

My Nannas mother! I love her two piece! 

The bridesmaids and page boy! How cute is little Nigel!
(The two kiddies are my second cousins.)

My Nanna and her father who also looked nervous ALL day! 

How beautiful does my Nanna look! 


Leaving the church! (Which is now a children's play centre.)

I want to be given spoons and a horse shoe at my wedding! 

The happy couple!!! <3<3<3

She is such a beautiful person inside and out! 

Poor Sue crying! She did this all day apparently! 

Family photo! LOVE my great aunts outfit! 


So cute!!

Everybody loves cake! 

Cutting the cake! 

I love this photo! It's perfect! <3

Another fave of mine! My favourite couple EVER!!!

I have always wanted to replicate my grandparents wedding when I get married sadly the church they wed in is now a children's play centre but still so gorgeous on the outside and the reception was held at a huge public house that was recently knocked down! 
But although these minor details won't be the same, I want to have my wedding as close to this as possible in the hope my marriage will be as perfect and I want my Grandad to be there in spirit as much as possible and for him to be proud! 


March 28, 2014


So I was shopping yesterday and of course I wondered into Top Shop, it's only natural! 

I found some absolute gorgeous items and I really need them in my life (I swear I NEED them) but sadly the empty bank account was having none of it! 

£18, HERE (Sorry about the image.)
I absolutely LOVE the shape and fit of this top! I think it's really flattering!

£48, HERE
I've always wanted a clear PVC rain coat!!!

£38, HERE
I have been lusting over high-waisted, gingham trousers for TOO long!!!!!!!

I think I need to get my bum in gear on gaining some monies! 

These would make THE cutest outfit!!!


March 18, 2014

Guerilla Guerilla Guerilla

So I posted about my hair after a Guerrilla fashion show we did at uni not so long ago!

Here's the actual show… 

I was the first ready as I was used as the Guinea-pig for hair and make-up! 

Taken by Gemma Wilkinson

Look I have small hair! It felt so weird, it was like having a face-lift! 

Natasha Brays top.
Kathryn Cranks jacket. 


Rosie (A Rose Like This) had only had her hair done at this point. 

Taken by Roxana Allison

Taken by Roxana Allison

Taken by Roxana Allison

Taken by Roxana Allison

Afterwards me and Rosie stole the disabled toilet and de-makeuped ourselves and brought ourselves back to reality and of course…


How fab are Rosies eyes! I on the other hand look like a drag act. 


March 14, 2014

Being crowned…

In uni a week or so ago we did a Guerrilla fashion show around Northwich town and I was a model. I had my hair all scraped up and hair sprayed and it was horrible! It was like a homemade face-lift  My hair was like a rock and it felt like I had no hair, especially considering my hair is huge. (If you follow me on Instagram you'd know this! Haha!)
When we got back my friend Rosie (A Rose Like This) de-face lifted me and put my hair into a plait around my head, it was like a crown.

I wanted to put flowers in and around it too but I didn't have any!

Big thank you to Rosie for saving the day and fixing my hair! 
It's weird not having a huge mane! 


February 24, 2014

Is it a Dress? Is it a Coat?

In uni we had a brief to design and make a 'top' for River Island. We had a range of shops and brands to choose from but I decided River Island was diverse enough for me to design hoe ever I wanted with-in reason obviously because I had to think about my customer. 

My design turned out like a dress/coat. I wasn't quite sure. In fact I'm still not entirely sure what it is.

I looked into Russian historical dress and Anna Karenina as a starting point throwing in a little research about New Romantics as a sub culture. 

Many people think it looks rather clown like or like a fancy dress costume! 

I reckon it turned out really well apart from the struggle of getting in and out of it.
There was an invisible zip down the left side and buttons down the front till you get to the waist. 
Which is also again where I asked myself what the heck I'd actually made! Haha! 

All in all I was really happy with the outcome with only a few slight mishaps and little bits that still annoy me now to look at! I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to sewing!


January 12, 2014

Fabrics Galore

Okay, so I have got a few more posts for you about Christmas and the SALES but I thought I could get this up pretty quick for you guys and seriously I am so excited about my fab fabric finds.
Honestly I shouldn't be allowed in fabric shops, especially Abakhan, I went from some wool mix for a uni project and some fabric for a midi skirt and came back with 2 wool mixes, and three cottons! Bad Jessica!!!
Ooo and I got my self cover buttons and zip for uni! At least I came back with things I needed!

16'/41cm zip, £2.04
Metal self cover buttons, 29mm, £2.46

My wool mix for uni!

The two wool mix fabrics were £24.30 for both.

So I need wool mix for a project at uni and I really wanted the striped one above but it wasn't big enough, problem is I couldn't leave it behind, it feels so soft and I like the colour! So, I found the one above that (the paler blues) and I'm hoping, fingers crossed that it's big enough because I love it!
I'll have to make/find a lovely jacket pattern for my stripey fabric as it's too lovely to waste. 

Clarke and Clarke heavy weight cotton fabric, £3.98

How could I resist this gorgeous Clarke and Clarke fabric, it's gorgeous and my midi skirt will look fab! 
I can't wait to get making for our uni trip to London! (I plan to make my wardrobe for the 4 days I'm there! Wish me luck! I'll be sure to show you everything, so keep an eye out.) 

Curtain Remnants, £9.24

I found the blue one of these and fell in love, my Mum wasn't so sure but I rooted around a little and found the pink version, Mum preferred this one but I had to have both! I only have a metre of each but I'm sure I'll think of some cute things to make out of them!

Did I tell you I got 15% off everything!
Check out there website for lots of mark downs!

I can't wait to start all my little projects for London! I go on the 11th of February!
I have a great challenge ahead of me but I've got this!!!

Wish me luck!


December 06, 2013

Forget leather leggings…

I'm bringing back leather handbags! 

I went to Dag Fields with my Nanna and Great Aunt the other day and we ventured into the leather shop. BAD. MOVE.

I saw two bags that I utterly adored and dragged my boyfriend back the next day… One was gone! I was so disheartened but not all hope was lost as I  bagged this bargain for £15, AND it was down from £75 (sorry for the pun.)

Jessica Elaine-Clare 


September 06, 2013

Kirstin Ash

So guess what I've got in store for you beautiful people?

I have found a wonderful jewellery company designed by two siblings born in New Zealand they are now based in Sydney! 
Kirstin who is lead designer along side her brother Nick, who is also her business partner! 

Here's a link the their Full Story!!!

They make absolutely beautiful pieces of jewellery, with a vintage feel to them! I found them on my side bar on Facebook of all the places! I love statement jewellery and I think their rings are just that, with matching pendants and earrings! All of these are made from Resin and Enamel, I just don't know how to describe them so here are some piccies I got from their site to show you just how beautiful they are!

They have beautiful matching 'sets' as you might say, although all sold separately!

I love these, the feather has been designed in such cute colours!

How sweet is the pink flower featured on these?

Some beautiful vintage like pendant clusters!

These cute birdy earrings in pink and blue!
I want them both so I can mix and match them!

They have an array of charm bracelets and they are so cute!
They have five enamel and resin charms on a chain, and they would make the best present ever! 

I'm sorry the is rather small, but check them out on their website!
Trust me you won't be disappointed! 

There is a new range called 'KA Fines.'
This is an array of sweet little 'stacker' like rings, you can get all the designs in either gold or silver and I just love them.
I might just have to get a couple in gold and in silver!

I just love the little pineapples! 

So after this business of beautifully designed jewellery graced my life, I thought you should all check them out too and see all the magical pieces!!

Let me know what you think!

Here's my faves from their current stock/collections!

Isn't the dandelion ring just amazing!
I can't get enough of it, it is definitely
on my christmas list!

As you can see there's a recurring theme, and I love blue!
But they are all so beautiful! It was difficult to choose favourites but these four all really stood out to me especially the dandelion ring as I said!